Kids Room

How to make an affordable Modern Batman Boy Room?

Today I am going to share how we can achieve a Scandinavian style kids room with this Batman themed boys room.


*Image credit: Pinterest

There are so many awesome pictures circulating on Instagram and Pinterest that I decided to create one for my young man.

Of course, I don’t want to bust my wallet so I managed to find some items that are similar to what we saw on the social media and the best is they are really affordable :). Check them out below:

*Images credit: Pinterest
  1. Batman Wall Decalsย – Price range from SGD0.40 for a set of 10pcs
  2. Batman & Robin Pillow Case – SGD6.70 each
  3. Felt Ball Garland – SGD 3.50 each. Available in various colours
  4. Lighting Paper Garland – SGD2.70 each
  5. Alphabets Garland – SGD6.50 per set
  6. LED Lightbox – SGD19.60 each. Also available at TYPO.
  7. Batman Toys Storage Bag – SGD4.90 each.
  8. Batman Wall Hooks – SGD 5.00 each, available in various designs.
  9. Batman Kraft Paper Storage Bag – SGD4.20 each
  10. Alphabets LED Light – SGD 7.10.ย Other shapes are available here.

You can add on with printables which you can find via Google or Etsy to complete the look.

If you will like to create this room for your little ones, I will strongly suggest to paint the room all white or paint one focal wall black. You still want the room to be bright and airy.

I will share a complete look of my son’s room soon. Have fun styling!!



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