Kids Room

Sweet dreams with Miffy

Move over Hello Kitty! It’s time to make space for Miffy!

Miffy is a cute and quirky character from Holland’s best-selling children’s book series. Even if you are not familiar with this character, you can still invite her into your home to light up your life.

More often than not, you will see Miffy night lamp in some of the bedroom pictures on the social media. This gorgeous white lamp comes in small and extra large sizes. You can purchase it at MONOYONO or Little Playroom in Singapore. The small size is retailing at SGD275 and extra large at SGD368.

If you will like to create a Miffy Bedroom for your little ones, you will not want to miss the following items:

*Images credit: Pinterest
  1. Miffy Garland – SGD4.00 each. Available in white, pink, grey and black colors.
  2. Miffy Pillowcase – SGD7.40 each.
  3. Miffy Head Cushion – SGD8.00 each for small and SGD12.20 each for large.
  4. Miffy Wall Hook – SGD4.50 each. Available in black & white colors.
  5. Miffy Play Mat – SGD17.80 each
  6. Miffy Toy Storage Bag – SGD10.90 each
  7. Miffy Digital Print – SGD9.50 each
  8. Miffy B&W Posters – SGD5.70 each
  9. Miffy Knit Blanket – SGD13.30 each for small and SGD23.50 each for large.


Love, TT

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