Party Ideas

Unicorn Birthday Party!

Who doesn’t love a UNICORN BIRTHDAY PARTY? Everyone does! It is fun and colorful and getting popular in the party world now!

There’s definitely a lot of ideas that we can do with this theme. Sweet treats, magical decor, party favors, etc, you name it.

We have rounded up some ideas below to get you started on planning your little one’s special day!

  1. Tutu Table Skirting – SGD14.20 each (dimension: 100cm long x 80cm high). Available in various colors.
  2. Ribbon Garland Backdrop – SGD10 each (dimension: 100cm width x 200cm high). Available in various colors
  3. Paper Tassel Garland – SGD0.87 per pack. Available in various colors.
  4. Unicorn Topper – SGD2.10 for a set of 10.
  5. Balloon Wands – SGD2.20 for a set of 5.
  6. Colourful Partyware – From SGD2.30 for a set of 8.
  7. Unicorn Headband – SGD7.10 each

Enjoy planning!!

Love, TT


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