DIY Mountain Mural


This is such a do-able tutorial done by The Sweetest Digs which we will like to share with you. You don’t need to be an artist to create a mural wall for your kids.

What you’ll need

  • Wall paint in 3 colours
    • Medium Grey
    • Light Grey
    • Black
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Damp Washcloth
  • Paintbrush & Rollers
    • Small foam rollers and a tray for doing the large mountains
    • A fine paintbrush for any touch-ups needed

*Images Credit: The Sweetest Digs 
  1. Tape Out 3 Forefront Mountains – Create the 3 forefront mountains by using the painter’s tape. At the bottom of the mountains where two meet, you need to go and trim the tape so that you don’t have overlapping pieces that go down to the floor. Just use scissors to get a precise line with your tape.
  2. Go Over Tape With Damp Cloth – To ensure that the tape gives the most crisp line possible, go over it with a damp cloth. The wetness supposedly activates some element of the tape glue.
  3. Paint Mountains – Paint the front mountains a medium gray and the background mountains a light gray. Apply two coats of paint about an hour apart before you pulled off the tape.
  4. Pull Off Tape – Don’t let the paint dry for hours and hours before you pull off the tape. Always best to get it off after say 30-60 minutes when it’s only partially dry, to avoid lifting off super dried paint. Once the tape came off, you can see the gap between the two sets of mountains.
  5. Fill In Gaps – To fill those in, wait until the paint was fully dry and then put up more tape following the line of the dark gray front mountains. You also had to add small pieces at the top to line up with the light gray mountain range.
  6.  Add Your “Snow” – It would be fun to have “snow” on the peaks of the front mountains, so added those patterns in as well. Painted them in black, and filled in the light gray paint.
  7. Remove Tape + Touch Up – Remove the tape after 30-60min. Touch up with a small fine paintbrush where the tape had leaked.

Have fun!!

Love, TT



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