Party Ideas

Unicorn Birthday Party!

Who doesn't love a UNICORN BIRTHDAY PARTY? Everyone does! It is fun and colorful and getting popular in the party world now! There's definitely a lot of ideas that we can do with this theme. Sweet treats, magical decor, party favors, etc, you name it. We have rounded up some ideas below to get you… Continue reading Unicorn Birthday Party!

Kids Room

How to make an affordable Modern Batman Boy Room?

Today I am going to share how we can achieve a Scandinavian style kids room with this Batman themed boys room. *Image credit: Pinterest There are so many awesome pictures circulating on Instagram and Pinterest that I decided to create one for my young man. Of course, I don't want to bust my wallet so… Continue reading How to make an affordable Modern Batman Boy Room?

Kids Room

Sweet dreams with Miffy

Move over Hello Kitty! It's time to make space for Miffy! Miffy is a cute and quirky character from Holland’s best-selling children’s book series. Even if you are not familiar with this character, you can still invite her into your home to light up your life. More often than not, you will see Miffy night… Continue reading Sweet dreams with Miffy